Asian Man Finds A Companion At London Escorts

Living in a foreign land comes with a share of its challenges. For one, you’ll practically start your life afresh; the people you knew will be miles away, and your loved ones are also not close to you. This was true of an Asian man who had come to work in London. His name was Deng and came from South Asia.
He came to London as part of a promotion from the company he worked for, to manage their London branch.

After a whole day at work, Deng would retreat to his rented house where he lived alone. Working for a half a year without somebody to keep you company can not only make you lonely but also be distressing. Given the reputation of London escorts, he couldn’t wait any longer. He started making calls to various escort agencies looking for pretty girls with experience of working with foreigners, especially Asians. In all instances, he managed to get girls that satisfied his sexual needs. Some of the agencies even offered to customize his order and sign a long-term contract to supply him with girls at a discounted rate. He, however, declined as he wanted to sample services of different agencies.
The good thing is that of the over 20 plus sexual encounters Deng had, his experience was superb. However, there was one case that was exceptional. It involved a middle-aged woman named Jane, aged about 35 years he’d met from an escort agency.

What made her services exceptional are the sex positions she chose during their encounters; they ensured Deng got the best sexual pleasures he could. As a busy man, he didn’t have all the time to do sex, so he enjoyed services that ensured he had a fast orgasm. In the first sex session, Jane gave Deng hot kisses coupled with caressing. Once Deng was ready, she started by lying down on that couch suspending one of her legs from the sofa, making the scissors-like intersection with one of Deng’s feet kneeling on the sofa and the other supporting his weight on the floor. All the surfaces that Deng would want to access were at his disposal. After a few shallow thrusts, Jane indicated a shift of position and then knelt down on that couch allowing Deng to penetrate from behind. One, two, three, four thrusts and Deng felt the goose had cooked. He made one deep final penetration, and they both retired. One thing that made Deng like this change of position is that it not only ensured Deng prolonged his shot but also increased its quality.

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