Over You Baby

Is the best way to get over someone to seek revenge? At first I thought that I would seek some revenge. My now ex boyfriend and let it be known among all of his friends that I worked for a London escorts service. You can imagine what it was like. My charlotte London escorts escorts image was being passed from phone to phone, and I was not very happy at all.

He had promised me that he would not do such a thing but badly let me down. I was not happy at all, and was after revenge.A couple of weeks after my relationship disaster, I bumped into one of my best friends from a male London escorts service. I had not seen him in a while, but even so, he noticed that I seemed to be a little bit down in the dumps. I know that the best way to revenge yourself is normally to get under someone, but my friend did not make me feel in that sort of way. However, I did end up spending about some time telling him about it, and he came up with a plan of attack as he called it.

When my from London escorts was not too busy escorting, he loved to play golf. He was not a bad golfer at all, and neither was my ex. I knew where my ex played golf as I had been to his club several times on my Saturday break from London escorts. The plan my friend proposed was to embarrass my ex in the same way he had made me feel bad. I was really surprise, I had not realised that male London escorts could be so devious. We both knew that we were being a little bit naughty, but we soon put our plan in action.

Instead of playing a his usual golf club, my London escorts friend went and played at my ex-boyfriend’s golf course. It did not matter too much. The green fees were in fact a little bit cheaper although the course was less challenging. I did not have so much confidence in his plan at first, but it did not take him very long to make contact.

He started to chat to my ex about clubs, and before he knew it, they were having drinks together. My friend suggested that they go out for a meal, and that is when it happened.It was simple really. My London escorts friend had asked a bunch of his gay friends to meet him in the restaurant.

Before my ex knew it, he found himself his in all sorts embarrassing photos with a bunch of transvestites. Did I play a part? Of course, I did, I had all of his social media contacts, and before he knew it, he was plastered allover social media with the message “ I am proud to be a part of the London LGBT community”. From what I understand, he is no longer playing at that particular golf course. Who says that revenge is not sweet.

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