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    That's probably your question to us if you've never heard of either The Pyrates Way magazine or Faire Magazine before. We, Black Fox Designs, have been around since before the turn of the century in different names such as Kimballgraphics, etc. . . We were CosPlayers even then. . . we just didn't know that was the name for what we were doing.
    We started going to both Renaissance Faires and Pirate Festivals in 2000 and every once-in-a-while, we found ourselves dressed as comic, TV, or movie characters at Hallowe'en, SciFi conventions, or at costume parties. My wife Cynthia and I have been Frau Farbissina & Dr. Evil, Batman & Batwoman, Vulcan and Klingon Ambassadors, Joker & Harley Quinn, Vadar & Leia and once we were Princess Vespa and Lord Helmet!

    So that's who we are in the CosPlay community. . . . complete Noobs at this. It's a perfect way to start a magazine, at the beginning of our CosPlay adventure with which we can share with everyone. In this way, our fellow noobs can feel secure that we have their back along this path and the experienced folks get to help us along. This is how we're putting the PLAY back in CosPlay, together and with fun!

    I've earned a Fine Arts Degree in Publication Design from one of the most prestigious art colleges in the nation, The Maryland Institute College of Art. I've been a photojournalist for the United States Navy, an editor for Greenberg Publishing (I wrote Greenberg's Guide to Super Hero Toys back in 1988, the first of its kind), Electronic Pre Press Technician for several printing companies, Art Director for both marketing and publishing companies, all leading up to running my own business, Black Fox Designs and publishing The Pyrates Way magazine, Faire Magazine, and the now defunct Concordium Magazine.
    Our magazines were originally in print but due to the sluggish economy and the high cost of printing and mailing, we had to adapt the magazines for digital publication on the internet. Now our magazines are more popular than ever and have been downloaded millions of times in total.
    We love visiting the cons, meeting the people and taking the best photos possible to encapsulate the experience. We share all of this with everyone, hoping to add to the excitement of our hobby.

So here we are, I hope you'll come along for the ride!
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