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Cos&FX will always accept unsolicited materials be they art, written, or photographic in nature. However, as quoted on our home page "We just want to make enough money to get to the cons and pay for expenses like gas, food, and hotel stays. We love this life of roaming, capturing moments, and then sharing them with folks who are not fortunate enough to get out to some of the cons and meet some of the amazing people. Through Cos&FX Magazine, and our heavy graphically-charged layouts, those folks will feel like they were part of the party that is a Con. This is why we can't pay for photographs or written pieces, there's no money in it for the submitter or us. . . however, it IS a chance to build one's portfolio. We're all about the little guy/gal who's trying to make a name for themselves and we ALWAYS give proper credits when possible."

So if you are still interested in submitting items to us, take a look at what we've done via our articles page and find something we've not covered yet, then go for it! When shooting photos for a con, make sure you get close-ups, full body shots, panels, shows, outside, inside, and a few huge photos with no general focus (we like using those as backgrounds). If you're writing, please try to keep your opinions out of it (unless, of course it's a review) and realize that whatever you're writing about, someone put in a lot of work to make it that way (con or costume). Just be fair!

We have an editorial page to comment on and please let us know if you agree or disagree with any of our subject matter in past issues. Whether it's a photo or written material, please send it to:
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